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dataX has been involved in the development of this application since its conception. Sending around 1 000 000 sms’s per month, this web application allows schools in South Africa as well as abroad to keep in instant contact with the learner’s parents. The system allows for 2-way communication in that not only can the school send sms’s to the parents, but the replies from the parents get routed back to the relevant school’s email or cellphone accounts.


Software, Projects

We have been involved in several business software development projects for this client. The systems include the management of all contracts and quotations for the company. Each system has been integrated into the Accpac accounting system to facilitate the generating of invoices, keeping track of payments and in turn using the accounting information to generate the relevant reports and graphs required by the board of directors to make informed decisions.

BEE Scorecard

Software, Projects

dataX was the preferred software development company to developed this web application to translate the Black Economic Empowerement Codes into a system which can be used by any company for self-assesment. All the complex formulas and requirements were programmed into this system and users are now guided step-by-step through the data capturing process,at the end of which a Scorecard is presented with a detailed summary of the company’s status.


Software, Projects

This client had a customized application development requirement to create a comprehensive tourism information and booking system. All aspects of the holiday package was accommodated for ranging from booking the airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, adventure activities, enquiries and bookings etc.

GTV (Global Travel Ventures)

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GTV ( Global Travel Ventures ) is based in the UK and is considered a leader in solutions which help consumers to enjoy the best prices, especially in the rail commuter sector.

The eFFiciency Hub

Software, Projects

The eFFiciency Hub provides office productivity solutions for the SME and SMB sectors.